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At 38mm deep and our "all rounder." With a 26mm wide, tubeless ready, toroidal shaped rim - the Elysian is perfect for all conditions.

We are hugely proud of what we've been able to achieve with our Featherlight wheels. Over the past few years, in what has become a flooded market, we wanted to do something special with our new range of wheels to set us apart from the rest... New moulds, new, incredibly advanced building techniques, a partnership with White Industries and a new 220 degree patented resin - that we use throughout the complete construction on the wheel - I feel we have produced one of the best boutique wheels on the market.

We purchase the carbon in single strands fibres, then weave the carbon fibre strands with a patented 220 degree resin - exclusive to our factory.

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Additional Info


  • Rim - Weight 475g
  • Hubs  - White Industries
  • Sapim CX-Ray
  • Nipples - Aluminium (internal)
  • Tubeless Ready
  • Body - SRAM/Shimano or Campagnolo
  • Spoke Count & Lacing - 20F Radial / 24 Two Cross Rear
  • Max Pressure - 120psi
  • Max Rider Weight - 120kg
  • Weight - 1,460gram (+/- 25g)
  • Rim Tape - Supplied
  • Skewers - Supplied
  •  Warranty - 2 years

White Industries was founded in 1978 when owner and president, Doug White, had aspirations to develop, manufacture, and market bicycle products of his own design.  One of the first products brought to the market was an elasticated leg band named Pegger which wrapped around ones pant leg keeping clothing free from chain grease.  White Industries, however, was destined for much more.  Doug, a master machinist by trade, utilized his training as a machinist and blended those skills with his passion for cycling creating the famous White Industries components known throughout the world today.  All our products are manufactured in our Northern California manufacturing facility, and we are proud to able to say that our components are made in the USA.

Our lightest weight hubset designed specifically for road bikes.  We engineered the T11 hubset to be light without sacrificing durability.  In today's market there is a demand for light weight components.  We understand the market, and, yet, we also understand that quality of craftsmanship, design, and engineering are also vital in producing a product that will stand the test of time.  When designing the rear hub shell we decided upon a high/low flange which allows for better spoke tension when dishing a wheel that is spaced to 130mm.  The hub design maximizes aerodynamic efficiency - always a goal for road riders.  Unique to the T11 is our titanium freehub body in a choice of Shimano or Campy configurations.  Titanium, we feel, is the best choice for the freewheel application since it is nearly as light as aluminum and has the equivalent strength to many forms of steel.  The rear hub is 11 speed compatible and, with provided spacer, can be run with 9 and10 speed systems. 


As light as a titanium spoke

The CX-Ray still receives the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for most bicycle disciplines. The middle section of the spoke is drawn then pressed in a special mold to form its specific profile.  CX-Ray spokes are used by top bike racers and triathletes around the world. Even downhillers use them, recognizing their strength and flexibility. Special alloy treatment and sophisticated production make this all possible.  The CX-Ray fits is all standard hub holes.

No more extra hub hole design; the hub manufacturer's guarantee is unaffected.
Almost as light as Titanium.
More long lasting than any other spokes on the market.Extremely high fatigue test results
Special alloy treatment and sophisticated production.
The best aerodynamic spoke available.
Produced from high-tensile, fatigue-resistant 18/8 stainless steel conforming to the Sapim quality standard specifications.
Available from 182 mm to 310 mm in even lengths.